Aged To Perfection

This cigar is one of the most celebrated cigars of the Padron line up or any brands lineup for that matter. The tobacco of the cigar has been aged for a full 10 years at the time of purchase. This cigar was also named Cigar Of The Year in 2009 by Cigar Aficionado. I love the serial number on this stick, feels like a special occasion.


  • Factory: Padron (unkown)
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Size: 6″ x 52

The Pre Light

This Nicaraguan puro is dressed in a beautiful wrapper with a single cap. Not much scent coming from the wrapper on this, I’m guessing due to the aging process.  Foot aroma is a very subtle cedar note, but again, not much there. After cold drawing the cigar, I’m getting more intensity of the cedar vibe along with cashew subtleties.

First Third

The first few draws yield a medium body, Spanish cedar flavors, and an unmistakeable aged tobacco smoothness. After a few draws she warms ups nicely, retro-hale is a light back pepper.Does anyone know if the tobacco in this cigar is aged for 10 years and then rolled? Or are the cigars rolled and then aged for 10 years? Let me know in the comments below.

Second Third

Approaching the 2nd third a rich creaminess takes over the draw. It’s very similar to the sensation after eating ice cream, just overtakes your senses. If you want to take these flavors up a level, retro-hale flavors add a red pepper element that makes this very enjoyable.

Final Third

The ending of this stick is a treat. There has been a definite flavor shift. The creaminess has muted and it is intense cedar and hay flavors. I enjoy cigars such as this that are complex and change while smoking.  At the band point, the retro-hale is a delightful flavor that reminds me of freshly baked bread.  Very smooth and balanced flavor profile.


This cigar was a treat. Very smooth and elegant flavors. I feel the aging is at the correct length as the favors blend together in harmony. An excellent choice for a special cigar!

Buy It Again?

While this stick is considered ‘super-premium’ and has a hefty price tag, it’s a unique smoke. While not a daily driver, it a must-try for anyone looking to take their smoking experience to the next level.

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