The Holy Grail

This may be considered by many aficionados to be the holy grail of Cuban cigars. As my favorite morning cigar, I love the size and flavor profile. I recently acquired a box of 25 from January 2019 for this review.


Factory: MSU (anyone know the current factory codes? Let me know in comments below.) 

Size: 5.1” (129mm) x 42

Strength: Medium-Full

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder & Filler: Cuba

Pre Light

Its wrapper aroma is that of light hay reminiscent of being on a farm. Cold draw flavors are smoothly delivered nuttiness including black pepper undertones. I enjoy the box press on these smaller cigars. It gives an elegance which keeps these beauties in demand.

First Third

The first flavors from this Cuban puro are Spanish cedar accompanied by a slight black pepper. Medium to full-bodied, it only takes a few puffs to get this powerhouse going! Retro-hale yields a smooth creaminess over your palate along with a slight nut flavor.

The creaminess balances the spicy pepper that is hidden in the back. A well-balanced stick, very smooth bountiful smoke.

About .5″ into the smoke the retro-hale flavors have switched to strong leather. They have an impressively long finish.

Second Third

The second third shows up quickly and I amazed at how this smoke coats your senses with smooth and elegant flavors. The flavors have remained similar from the first third. The burn is slightly uneven however a quick touch up and back to business.

Ash held on until the 1/2 point on this small smoke. Flavors have increased as the pepper takes over.

Final Third

The same flavors are still present starting off the final third. This is not an issue as this smoke is still very enjoyable. The retro-hale experience has shifted into a pepper bomb! Its the perfect amount to finish this petite smoke.

At the band point, pepper takes also over the main draw flavors. I will be ending now with a very satisfied palette.


I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Cuban cigars while traveling at several legendary cigar lounges. I’ve always found them lighter in flavor when compared to cigars for the US market. This bold Bolivar is one of the few exceptions. It is hard to find anything wrong with this vitola, a true pleasure.

Buy It Again ?

Of course! The only issue is it can be difficult to acquire in the US. Expect long transit times if ordered from online vendors. A box is a solid addition to any collection as long as quick delivery is not a priority for you.

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